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Ways to Make Travel Accessible to Deployed Families

As a reporter who has covered a number of wars, I can personally speak about the hardships that soldiers typically go through. Many times, they are in dangerous and even life threatening situations and they have no way of talking to anyone that is part of their family. In many cases, communication in itself is […]

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How To Maintain a Healthy Mental State During War

I am a reporter whom have spent countless years in war zones so that I could document what troops have to go through in order to keep Americans safe. Over the years, I’ve seen a number of soldiers slowly deteriorate from the things that they have seen and the things they have had to do. […]

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Has Fighting in Past Wars Left You a Little Shaky

Sometimes people understand what is like to go to war, to see all those atrocities, and then to come back home. Sometimes they don’t understand it all. As a reporter, I’ve traveled to many different wars and covered what it was like to be on the front lines, all so the people that were living […]

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